Amanda Siri Hill

Author of mystery and suspense

Exploring the depths of humanity through our inner demons

Hi, I'm Amanda.

I'm passionate about writing stories that weave together depth, suspense, and romance to create captivating mysteries that don't leave you with an icky aftertaste.

What can you expect from my books?

I write mystery and suspense without boddice-ripping awkwardness, or bad language. Think of a roller-coaster ride without teenagers screaming obscenities in the seat behind you.

  • Stories that dig deep, yet lift and inspire

  • Mysteries that tackle real-world problems with a satisfying ending

  • Twists and turns with unique and engaging characters

The Lost of Lake Hotel

Beneath the unpredictable waters of Yellowstone Lake lie dozens of bodies–frozen and sunk before anyone could save them.

Cash McClure, a lonely private investigator, must find the answers behind the recent disappearances around the lake before another tourist goes missing.

But the ghosts of his past are waiting for him in the old hotel.

Cash has to navigate quirky employees, a past love, and mysterious elements no one can explain. If you love national parks, ghost stories, and heart-pounding suspense, grab a copy of The Lost of Lake Hotel.

What they are saying about my work

I'm a sucker for voice and this had it right from the go. I was immediately hooked. The tension and suspense were so well done and has an emotional impact.

-Storymakers Judge

Inna Lyon

Amanda is a very productive, multi-genre writer. I read her books and stories and am always amazed by her thorough research, her knowledge of the subject, and her wildest imagination.

Michaelene Munro

I enjoy Amanda's writing. I like mystery and suspense without having to worry about it getting too dark or gruesome. Her characters are well developed with flaws and weaknesses that contribute to the story.

Whitney Cox

The imagery of her writing is beautiful, with intriguing scenes.

Becky Weise

I couldn't put it down! The setting was transportive. The characters were so lifelike, I'd recognize them if they walked into the room. The mystery kept me on my toes till the last page. The Lost of Lake Hotel has made a mystery reader out of me!

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